“From the era of television, the biggest advertising channel is now shifting”.

“ Pure Alpha Introduces you to Connected TV ”


At Pure Alpha Ventures, We believe that CTV is the future of TV

With a focus on the Connected TV and the future, we aims to provide an intelligent, transparent and maximum ad monetization approach for our partners and the best quality data fuelled audience for our brands.

Founded in 2012 with a management team of more than 15 years of cumulated expertise in the digital environment. By uniting more than 27 highly skilled professionals, We’re focused on solutions that develop your message and drive brand in the marketing and advertising sector, our team has the smarts and practical experience to develop a tailor-made creative roadmap that deliver amazing results.

At Pure alpha Ventures, We leverage your unique strengths to choose the right approach for you, whether that be conventional or avant-garde. We want to differentiate you from the competition and help you stand out like the star you truly are.


Pure Alpha Ventures simplify the latest trend in advertising for brands, by carefully developing an end-to-end strategy that makes use of our tools and capabilities in identifying the potential medium, filtering the unwanted and streamlining the campaigns as effectively as possible.

We believe that a rightful combination of identifying the audience, applying the valuable insights and importantly placing quality content can help brands of any size and aspiration, to meet their intended results and customer engagement in OTT.

Pure Alpha Ventures Difference

We associate with a pool of 30+ data providers for laying out a comprehensive view of the market trends and needs, helping the campaign to be an efficient one.

Media Package
We associate with a pool of 30+ data providers for laying out a comprehensive view of the market trends and needs, helping the campaign to be an efficient one.

We use only an impressively engaging advertising format In high demand by the industry and well-liked by viewers
Treat audiences to something innovative, entertaining and engaging.
Offer ads that delight rather than attack. The CTV/OTT ad industry is growing exponentially. The market is predicted to reach more than $80 billion in less than 5 years. Dive into the most trending Ad environment

All of our campaigns strictly deliver high-quality, brand-safe content - no matter the platform, audience or region.

Our delivery pinpoints on audiences - and not screens - from TV programming across digital platforms.


Optimize Your Campaigns And Maximize ROI

Pure Alpha Ventures increases publisher ad monetisation yields with unmatched opportunities backed up by our extensive network of verified advertisers. We help with important decisions as who to partner with, which rates to choose and how to increase maximise their revenue.

When offering your CTV & OTT ad inventory on Pure Alpha Ventures, you receive full transparency, high-quality deals, safety, and easy-to-use tools for content monetisation and scaling business effortlessly.

Reasons to Partner up
Cutting edge technology ensures the greatest ad optimisation for publishers’ highest revenue. Set your preferences, including prices and favoured partners, and our algorithms will select the most lucrative deals for you.

Seamless integration
Enjoy easy integration with VAST-tags and/or an SDK to grow your business more effectively. With the support of your dedicated manager, you’ll be able to set up the integration in no extra time

Preferred deals with reliable demand partners
Pure Alpha Ventures is a publisher platform that provides you with a limitless pool of the best advertisers and an array of the most lucrative offers in the industry. We create a uniquely nurturing environment in which a publisher can grow their profitable ad monetisation platform with transparent conditions and a supportive, dedicated team.

Build and grow your own video monetisation business by managing advertiser deals, rates and tailor made settings with Pure Alpha Ventures.


Why Video in the First Place?

Why Video?
Videos have always been the powerhouse of communications tools, and it is more relevant than ever with the digital downpour. The media consumption is dominated by videos across the world and this is only good news for brands and advertisers.

Over-The-Top (OTT) content is the one streamed to audiences directly through internet, without the traditional telecommunication or television media. It combines the perks of TV and digital media, giving the audience a unique experience of watching the desired content in the best possible manner.

Multiscreen Advertising
Every advertising endeavour benefits from multiple platforms. Multiscreen advertising pools in TV as well as digital media, to maximise the spread of video content. Multiple viewing and multiple screens drive the customers further into the sales funnel, bringing them closer to conversion. Through multiscreen advertising, brands have the possibility to reach out to all the class of audiences, as mentioned.

Digital screens - online and offline - continue to grow in an unprecedented manner. At any second of the day, there are millions of online viewers of video content. Think of the possibilities!
The digital videos come with extensive insights, as well as have the capability to target audiences in the most specific ways.

Advertisers can precisely target the audiences based on their demand for content.

The convenience of OTT results in audience engagement to a prolonged period, with high ad completion rate compared to other mediums.

OTT audiences are mostly logged in with profiles, meaning messages can be delivered directly.

The percentage of OTT subscribers are on the rise, with more service providers coming into the picture.


We maximise the capabilities of every campaign through the right application of our expertise and tools. By multiplying the reach of the videos using screens, platforms and targeting, we fruitfully deliver campaigns that help clients build their business. With each passing day, our insights get stronger in numbers, which translates to more leverage for the upcoming projects. This is a continual cycle, helping us foster our capabilities and help clients in an improved manner.

The advanced targeting methods and smarter data analytics help us refine our delivery with each passing day. We are focussed to convert the potential customers by drifting them across the sales funnel, through carefully devised strategies at every stage of a customer experience. This results in numbers that favour our clients’ business, which we take as the effectiveness of our campaigns.

We provide comprehensive analytics and results of campaigns on a live basis, which provides insights that can further better the campaign life. The detailed analytics help in continuous calibration of the campaign, improving the chances of ROI and effective engagement with the customer base.
We document and present these numbers to our clients in an easy-to-understand format. These reports will have the most intricate details, like the devices used and apps that ran the video ads. This further helps the clients to devise strategies for the future.

Why Us?
We are a cutting-edge service provider for video marketing. From the era of television, the biggest marketing channel has now shifted to online media. And we have effectively adapted our policies to understand and make the most of combining the possibilities of both of these platforms. Our strict policy of delivering only high-quality content on the most relevant spaces ensure an outstanding performance for the brands’ communication.

Targeted Impressions
Our reach is highly specific and targeted, thanks to the audience-focussed approach and data power.

Impactful Brand Building
Fruitful campaigns launch the brands into newer territories, with an improved leverage to build business.

High Coverage
Capabilities that we possess ensure the widest reach for videos and content in CTV.

Measurable Results
The campaign results are comprehensive and in turn help improve the future planning.
We are a cutting-edge service provider for digital TV video marketing.


“ A single platform to monitor and advance all your OTT Business”

Open, transparent, &designed with the publisher in mind

True seamless ad experiences to streaming audiences. Maximise your profit with a unified auction.

OTT Header Bidding
Publishers can useunified auction between leading video SSPs & direct demand

Audience Management
We associate with a pool of 30+ data providers for laying out a comprehensive view of the market trends and needs, helping the campaign to be an efficient one.

Audience Management
Publishers can use First & third party data segmentation to increase inventory value.

Server Side Ad Insertion
Dynamic ad insertion built for programmatic scale

Ad Pod Automation
Deliver unique, non-competitive ads within your live ad breaks

Advanced Analytics
Single access to all CTV data: Revenue, Auctions, Bidders, Audience behaviour& more.


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